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Celebrating the diversity of the Capital Region and #DIVERSITYINTHE603

Celebrating the diversity of the Capital Region and #DIVERSITYINTHE603





New Hampshire has a rich history—with unique blends of culture and heritage and storied tradition. Increasingly, cultures and traditions from around the world are being integrated into our everyday lives—especially through food, music, and art.

The exceptional diversity of performances, art, food, exhibitors, and participation of the local community illuminates the rich history of our region, and amplifies who we are today: a diverse, vibrant, and thriving community.

We truly believe in the value of face-to-face interactions and taking the time to learn from others. The Concord Multicultural Festival is like a stone thrown into the water, making a big splash, but the ripples continue to impact our community long after the event is over. We are deeply grateful for the inspiring culmination of volunteers, partner organizations, businesses, and community members who come together to celebrate the common natural differences we all share.

We hope you join us on Sunday, September 22 and encourage you to try new things, meet new people and enjoy the differences that make us all special! 


Our mission is to foster an appreciation for diversity by providing engaging opportunities to share and learn about the many  cultures of the Capital Region, creating a Welcoming Community for all.




Back in 2004, the Greater Concord Area Task Force Against Racism & Intolerance organized a series of community discussions. During the discussion titled "The Changing Face of Concord: Racial, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity," nearly everyone involved recognized the importance of street festivals to the civic life of Concord. It was decided that a big outdoor party was the ideal way to advance the goals of racial and ethnic tolerance and understanding in our small, but quickly changing community. And thus the Concord Multicultural Festival was born! 

Our mission then was to raise local awareness of those newly arriving in our community and appreciation for cultural diversity with the hope that increased awareness, supported by educational programs will inspire our neighbors to accept, welcome and assist the newest members of our community.

More than 10 years later, the Concord Multicultural Festival continues to be an annual staple in Concord, growing not only in size, but in impacts. Our new mission is to create a welcoming community for all by fostering a culture of appreciation for diversity, providing learning opportunities through engagement and interactions and empowering new Americans to successfully integrate and become part of our community. 

The Festival is a celebration of all cultures, featuring 4+ hours of entertainment performed by local musicians and dancers, more than 20 food vendors selling delectable cuisine from their home countries, local artists selling their unique crafts, traditional arts demonstrations, activities for all ages, an international flag parade with more than 40 countries represented, and so much more. 

Everyone is welcome and invited! 


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