SEPTEMBER 13-22, 2019

During this annual series of events, communities bring together immigrants and U.S.-born residents in a spirit of unity to build strong connections across the community and affirm the benefits of welcoming everyone – including new Americans. 

It’s a time of immense challenges for our country and the communities we serve. We are becoming polarized, and too many Americans have been uprooted by the sense that they no longer belong.  The values we stand for and the people we serve face grave threats. 

At the same time, many people are standing up for their neighbors and a affirming that our country is a place for everyone, weaving together new and long-time residents so that we can all be part of the fabric of our shared future. 

To change the rhetoric, to shape the immigrant experience, to a affirm our values and live up to them as a nation – this is an enormous task and will take all of us, working together. But never have we been such a powerful movement. 

Welcomers are leading the way in communities across the country, and our movement is 40 million strong and growing. Celebrate Welcoming Week, and show the world how your community welcomes everyone, including immigrants and refugees. 

Together, we can make every community the kind of place where diverse people from around the world feel valued and want to put down roots. Together, we can build a nation of neighbors. SEPTEMBER 13 - 22, 2019.